Panels , Workshops & Screening Schedule


Thursday 23rd March

l Matinee Showings 11a: Experimental-

Strange Fruit (3.55)

Match Girl C’est Moi-Canada 12:30p:

Social Consciousness & Cultural Imaging in Film-

Rise Up (13:51)


Generation Revolution(British)

Youth 1:15pm The Invention of Matthias Walden (23:24)
2p: Women In Medicine (1:39:53)-

4p: Woman Scorned (11:45)-

6p: One Last Sunset Redux (1:00:00)-

7p: Opening Night Red Carpet-

8p: Opening Night Film – Everything But A Man & Bonus flick,  Me Myself & Them Starring R&B Sensation TANK (20:00)

Break-Sponsor Acknowledgement

Everything but a Man/110 min

10p – until: 2am Opening Night After Party- Cafe 4212(4212 Almeda Rd) Ciroc Girls In The House-Hosted by actor, Adrian Lockett (Man Down, Furious 7, Sleep Paralysis, TV One’s Fatal Attraction

Friday, March 24th 9a – 5p: Registration –

9a – 5p: Book-signings Daily

10a: Conscious –

Not Black Enough (01:22:28)

Message to the People(58:00) 11a: 11:10a:

(New Media) – Token Support Group (14:03) 1:15p:

Short Docs –

Padlock Men: (16:25) The Letter Carrier(6:30) The Return to Scripted TV Talent, Producers & Showrunners Panel-Hotel
Kim Gagne (Former Showrunner, Producer, Steve Harvey Show)
Jason White, (Fox’s Reality TV Show Kicking & Screaming)

3:15p: Black Trials of Parenthood(01:20)

3:pm Aspiring Actors Panel Tanner Ellis, Girls Trip, 2017, Queen Sugar, Amazon Prime’s,One Mississippi, Adrian Lockett-(Man Down, Furious 7,Sleep Paralysis, TV One’s Fatal Attraction, Shelton, Why Wait?” Actor Stanley NWobi.

Moderated by Gossiping Heifers-Amazing 102.5

-4:30p: Guerrilla is the Go To. – Hotel Sponsored by Final Draft Filmmakers, producers engage in a very real dialogue about how they launched a grassroots effort to write, edit, and direct their Indie Flicks. Speakers: Nngest Likk’e, Everything But a Man, Phat Girlz, Ben & Ara, Mark Harris-1555Filmworks-Stock Options, Arthur Muhammad -Sweet Chariot Productions

Moderator: Tanner Ellis, Actor,(Girls Trip,2017,Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall) The Reunion(32.28:00) Bro (23:51) 3.30 4:30:

Script to Screen Workshop, Mark Harris: Panel discussion will help filmmakers understand the creative process and how to tackle the daunting task of creating a television show. How do producers and industry gatekeepers decide to take on a project? How do you assemble the right team? How to polish a script? How do actors interpret the story? The questions can be endless for a new filmmaker. This panel serves to answer some of those questions with practical answers.

5:15 p.m. Phoenix Run (18:15:00) 6:30-8p: HAPPY HOUR NETWORKING MIXER –

7p: Why Wait (1:40:00)

9p. Candy (1:50:00)

Saturday, March 25 8a – 5p: Registration –

l 9a – 10:30a Film-making 101 with Award winning filmmaker, Fatimah Jawad

FRENCH FILM English Subtitles 10:am Out of Paris France, TOURMENTS-D-AMOUR “TORMENTS OF LOVE”. (120:08)

11a Seeing Through the Director’s Eyes, Producer, Dir, Mark Harris, Dir/Prod, Sean Durant, Dir/Producer, Arthur Muhammad

Real Talk Flicks

(200:23 Some Torches Don’t Burn(21:42) 11:30 am Junior (17.34) Exit to Freedom (01:23)

Aspiring Actors Panel Day 2 Ammiee Leonards, Dallas, Vampire Diaries, Nashville, Tanner Ellis, Girls Trip, 2017, Queen Sugar, Amazon Prime’s,One Mississippi, Adrian Lockett-(Man Down, Furious 7,Sleep Paralysis, TV One’s Fatal Attraction, Shelton,Why Wait?” Moderated by Denise Oneal (Fade to Black Play Festival) 12a –

1a:Screenwriting Masterclass-Script to Screen with Mark Harris Coverage is Key & LESS IS MORE- Hotel Sponsored by FeSaad Magazine.

In this informative and enlighten g workshop which tackles the screenwriting issues and how those wearing multiple hats encouraging you to obtain some type of coverage for your project to avoid plot holes and in-consistencies. You will learn why you need a fresh pair of eyes and multiple drafts. Avoid the consequences of sending out a script too soon.

11:30: Animation in Film Will Morgan, Revelation Interactive, a gaming development company, and Charles Lewis

Moderator Errol Anthony Wilks, Hawk in Flight Spin23 Ent

12:45p: The Caged Bird: The Life and Music of Florence B. Price (57:36)

2:15p: Matters of the Heart-  Me, Myself & Them (19:30) 2:15p:

2:15p: Globetrotting Foreign or subtitled

Land Beneath Our Feet (01:00:00

RUN (3:48) Outlandish Skateboarding Against Poverty(8.38)

3:00p: Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes(:32:00) –  4:15 p.m. Uplift Lift Every Voice (20:00)

Walk with Me (30:00) The Cooper Sisters (00:07:57)

4.45 4p – 6p: Marrying Music to Film- – Tips on how to license music to your film without infringing on someone’s copyright. Licensing. Fair use. How to obtain right from top artist. Discuss when music is distracting in film. Speakers:

5p: Fear –

Phoenix Run (18:57) 5:30

Faith Based A Heart that Forgives (1:00:26) 12.30-1:30

Team-building- Agents, Publicists, Entertainment Attorneys- How to Get Producers and Talent Attached”- Hotel Marketing/PR, Distributing, Options, and other aspects handled by your team. This discussion tackles packaging products, negotiations, and how successful producers are backed by reps, publicists, sales agents, distributors. It also reveals the pitfalls of going it along. Also how to make social media and the press work for you. Speakers: Brendetta Payne, Entertainment Attorney Entertainment Attorney, Cedric Pitts, Sandra Hucker, SH Consulting,Vanessa Morman, HoustonBFF, Founder, Executive Dir. Also, Agent & Publicist at Sheba Media Group. 1:45 pm -2:15pm: Marketing and Publicity for Your Film – Hotel Discussion on PR, Product Placement, Cross Promotions, Online social media tactics and why not to buy followers. Sandra Hucker, Sandra Hucker Consulting, NAMIC Awards, Howard Stern) Marcus Clark,(PR- August Wilson, Congressional Black Caucus) Vanessa Morman (SMG)Earleane Pitts, Marketing Consultant Moderator;
Sylvia Ike


11.30 -12:30 THE FUND RUN Attracting Film Financing- Packaging,Distribution & Negative Pickups-

1:30p – 2:30p:

Break Part

The Return to Scripted TV Talent, Producers & Show-runners Panel -Hotel Kim Gagne, (Former Showrunner, Steve Harvey Show) Jason White, (Fox’s Reality TV Show Kicking & Screaming)

Doing the Doc, Crowd-funding, Option or Co Producing & Book to Film”- Hotel Author, N’Tyse, Fatimah Jawad, Moderator Actress Ammie Leonards Pitch Lounge Producers: Mark Harris, Prod, Dir, Couples Night Out, Stock Option, Arthur Muhammad, Dir, Screenwriter, Carter High, Dir, First Impression Regis Le’Bron, Producer, Writer of First Impression Chief Creative Officer of UBUNTU Films & Television Development, Dir/Pro Shane Durant *(Release must be signed before all pitches)

Moderator Vanessa Morman

12:15p: Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations,

Chi Nu Legacy(1:25.00)

Empowering Women behind the Scene-Imaging Women in the Film 1p – 3:30p:“Special Women that Soar Series”- Hotel The Women That Soar Series, “Empowering Women to Have Stronger Voices and Daring Them To Soar” Jacqueline Richardson, Dir of Business and Legal Affairs at Broad Green Pictures. Brenda Z. Flewellyn, Film Bankers International. The Creator & Executive Producer Women That Soar is Gina Grant, Co exc producer is Reuben Cannon Executive Producer. Screening: Women That Soar (CBS), Regis Le’Bron Exec Prod of Woman That Soar Women That Soar 2017 Sizzle Reel 00:01:36, Honorees packages: Terry Bentley Hill 00:02:29, Daphne McQuarter 00:02:52, Quyhn Chau Stone 00:02:53, Jan Spivey Gilchrist 00:02:47, Nina Vaca 00:02:56, Anita Hawkins 00:02:34, Catherine Monson 00:02:37 (00:19:36 total for all 8 videos) Produced by UBUNTU Films & Television Development Corp, Panel will discuss Women empowerment in film. Register to win access to a *Live Taping of Women That Soar on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Sponsored by UBUNTU Films

Screening- TV Pilots:
HomePlate 108 Pilot “Like A Rocket” Stars, former Baseball great, Torii Hunter, Eddie Guardado and LaTroy Hawkins, 00:30:00, Producer, Regis Le’Bron, Flipping in the Hood, Dir, Arthur Muhammad, (Showrunner, Jason Bolling, Flip This House, First 48, “Lizard Lick Towing, Parking Wars, Ice T’s rap School, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee, New Years Baby,) Rent A Groom Reality TV Show 2p: Dana’s Story (26:40) The Good Son (13:43)

4p – 5:30 HAPPY HOUR NETWORKING MIXER – The Gite Gallery Storyteller/Screenplay Competition Finalist Script Read Closing Night Red Carpet Awards Gala 7p: Brenda Z Doby Flewllen Keynote Speaker-Film Finance & Packaging

7:40p: Winners announced (Award Presentation) Special Guest/Honorees/Celeb Presenters Lisa Arrindell,(Saints & Sinners, Incredible Story of Henrietta Lacks, First Impression) Sin-seer, Madea,s Family Reunion) Break-Title Sponsor Acknowledgement 9p: Closing Night Film –

First Impressions Q&A with Writer, Producer, Regis Le’Bron – 10:30p:

Closing Night After PartyIndigo

Sunday, March 26th-Golf with Panelist *Subject to change