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Houston Black Film Festival / Houston Black Film Festival FAQ

1. Why do I need a trailer for my short film submission?

Film submissions are assigned to various judges according to the genre as well as the preference of the judge.  Prior to film projects being assigned, the intake process consists of viewing the trailer to better determine which Judge/s  your film project should be assigned to.  It is easier to accomplish this if the trailer can be viewed.  Otherwise,  shorts that can run upwards to 30 minutes would force the intake review to take longer, especially if they must watch each film in its entirety at the onset even if they aren’t the people doing the judging.

Also, the festival uses trailers of the submitted film titles to promote the works of entrants including the screening times and dates, as well as o its social media sites.

2.  Will the Houston Black Film Festival Pay Me a Screening Fee?

No. The HBFF does not pay to screen films.

Festivals expend a lot of their funding to produce a platform for all filmmakers submitting their works to the festival.  The festival cannot decrease its monetary commitment to the festival by redirecting funds to pay for films. Moreover, such expenditures as paying for screeners would constitute special consideration’ to paid filmmakers, and likewise be unfair to others.

3. Will I receive my blu ray disc back following the festival?

No. The festival does not return screeners.


4. Is the Houston Black Film Festival an International Movie Data Base Qualifying Festival? If so, what does that mean for me as a filmmaker, or to my film project?

Yes we are. This means that if your film screens during our festival, you are eligible to list your independent film on IMDB.

5. How many films will be shown during the Houston Black Film  Festival?

The festival receives 85-101 film entries. However, that number is whittled down during the selection process. On average, the Houston Black Film Festival will show over 60 films during the 5 day event.

6. What

Badges give you priority access to all Festival films plus access to panels at the Conference as well as the parties and meet & greets offered by the Festival. Click here to purchase a Badge.

A Film Pass allows you the opportunity to see over 60 films in 5 days and grants you priority in line over single pass tickets giving you more time to get seats, popcorn, and drinks.  You may learn more or purchase your FILM PASS here.

7.Does the festival grant waivers? If so what kind?

The festival does provide a set number of  submission fee waivers each season for filmmakers experiencing a hardship. However, very few are granted  due to the fact that submission fees go towards the production of the festival.

In addition to the fee waiver, the festival sometimes grants a deadline waiver which will allow for late submissions. Those waivers are very few also and entirely provided at the discretion of the festival coordinator.

8. May I volunteer for the Houston Black Film Festiva1?


Yes indeed you may.  We greatly appreciate people in the community who are willing to assist us with varying aspects of pre planning the HBFF. If interested, please feel free to give us a call at 713-999-3531 or email us at info@houstonblackfilmfest.com. You may start the volunteer application process here.

9. At what time does the film screeners normally show?

Opening night typically starts at 7 pm . Films are screened on opening day. Afternoon matinees and evening shows are also scheduled. The full film schedule will be announced closer to the Festival.  At that time, you can find the detailed schedule of events at the Festival Guide, here.